For sponsors of bodybuilding events, promoters often offer one or more sponsor packages that provide different levels of exposure at the event.

Traditionally this exposure includes company logos being advertised on posters and/or screens at the event, award presentations where the sponsors company is introduced and advertised, and sometimes even exhibitor booths where sponsors can set up a table and demonstrate/sell products (much like an industry trade show) to athletes and spectators. All of these avenues have proven to be valuable tools for companies to bring awareness to their product or service and grow their businesses.

For many businesses, such as competition suit makers, supplement lines, personal trainers, meal prep companies, posing/prep coaches, etc., it may be advantageous to additionally be able to reach the athletes before the event - not just the day of.

It's for this reason that a new advertising opportunity
has been created by Muscleware

When each and every athlete registers for an event (often weeks or even months in advance of the day of the show) they receive a confirmation email from the Muscleware system. The contents of this email allow the athlete to review and confirm the class(es) they've registered for, and if applicable (depending on their competition category) they are also provided a link to upload posing routine music. Show sponsors may now purchase advertising space in these emails as well!

Below the registered categories in the email, there is a brand new "Next Steps" section - the perfect place to get your product or service in front of the athlete's eyes during their prep!

An example of a Muscleware Athlete Registration Confirmation email,
including the new "Next Steps" area for Sponsor Advertisements

Each advertising block includes a title, description, logo and a link to your online business presence, whether that be a website, online shop, social media account, etc.

An example of a Sponsor Advertisement Block and its components

But that's not all - these advertisements can even be targeted to athletes competing in specific categories, allowing you to only pay for the exposure that's relevant to your business!

An example of an
Advertisement Metrics page
For instance, a company that makes competition bikinis can opt to advertise only to athletes who have registered in one or more bikini classes. Similarly, a posing coach who specializes in male posing can opt to advertise only to men's categories.

You can target one, multiple or all competition categories for your ad, including Men's Bodybuilding, Classic Physique and Men's Physique, Women's Bodybuiding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and/or Wellness.

You are also provided with a private link to your Advertisement Metrics page (pictured on the right), where you may track the performance of your Advertisement. You can clearly see how many emails have been sent out that include your ad, and how many times the ad has been clicked from within those emails.

You will also see a list of all events your advertisement is active for - a very useful feature for Sponsors that advertise in multiple events. The Advertisement Metrics page is a one-stop-shop to see how your advertisement is performing.

For more information on pricing and availability, please contact the promoter of the event you wish to sponsor and ask about Muscleware Advertising.
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