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In the sport of bodybuilding, there is only one organization that is home to the very best athletes on earth - the IFBB Pro League.

Tens of thousands of Athletes have spent lifetimes building their physiques dreaming of becoming IFBB Pros. For the exceptional who have made it into the IFBB Pro League ranks, only a handful of athletes have ever achieved the title of Olympia Champion - permanently etching their names in the history of human muscular achievement.

Every champion had humble beginnings, and it all starts at regional amateur competitions. The Amateur ranks of the IFBB Pro league in the United States are governed by the National Physique Committee (NPC), and its Canadian counterpart is the Canadian Physique Alliance (CPA). Promoters for the amateur Events are often notable IFBB Pro athletes or long time contributors of the sport, and it is an honor to be awarded a sanctioned contest.

Reality Hits...

Once the initial excitement of having a show bestowed upon them dissipates, Promoters find themselves in the intimidating and unfamiliar position of figuring out how to plan a large Event.

After securing a date, putting a sizable deposit on a venue, contracting multiple vendors and hiring a graphic designer to begin working on posters and basic marketing materials, the Promoter is expected to have the technology in place to facilitate a modern experience for everyone involved.

Finding a high school student to put up a basic website is one thing, but how do athletes register for the Event? How will people buy tickets for the show? How will the payments be processed and confirmed? Where will the data be stored and organized, and how will all of the required documents and reports be generated?

The answer is  MuscleWare

MUSCLEWARE is a complete 'turn-key' cloud software solution for Promoters of bodybuilding Events. It was created, and continues to be developed in direct consultation with the top CPA executives, ensuring Promoters are providing exactly what is expected from them by the CPA / NPC.

How It Works

It all starts with a website... Promoters can either use their own website, or for a small fee MUSCLEWARE will create a modern website for the Event, designed to be displayed properly on all sized screens - computers, tablets and mobile phones.

On the website, in addition to all of the basic information about the show / venue / host hotel, online forms are inserted for athlete registrations, ticket sales and general inquiries.

  Athlete Registration

The Athlete Registration module is the core of MUSCLEWARE. Athletes enter their personal details and select their competition class(es) via online web forms. MUSCLEWARE calculates payment totals and takes care of the capture and storage of data, as well as facilitates online payments via PayPal. The Promoter is notified by PayPal whenever a payment is made. Athletes receive PayPal transaction confirmations and a MUSCLEWARE registration receipt.

In addition, once payment is complete, athletes receive a registration confirmation email from MUSCLEWARE that includes a link to an athlete profile page for the Event. The athlete profile page allows athletes to review their registrations and upload posing routine music for applicable categories. The files are automatically renamed to include the competitor number, athlete name, and category.

Once online registration closes, on-site Athlete Registration sheets are automatically created for the weigh-ins / height-ins. Athlete numbers are pre-assigned (respecting crossovers of course) and a single PDF file containing all registration sheets is generated for printing. The Promoter simply prints the PDF and takes the hard copies to the on-site registration. The Promoter is also supplied with a "blank" registration sheet, so copies may be printed for athletes who register in person.

  Scoring & Statistics

MUSCLEWARE packages up all online registration data into a compact database file that can be passed on to Statisticians using the MUSCLEWARE Statistician desktop application. This program does not require an internet connection and allows Statisticians to make modifications to athletes/classes, create PDF athlete lists, crossover reports, judges' scorecards and much more! Contact us for more information about MUSCLEWARE Statistician.

  Ticket Sales

Often, and especially at regional level shows, the venues are not equipped with online box office systems. Even when they are, venue box offices sometimes charge outrageous per-ticket fees. At the Promoter's request, and as a low cost alternative, the MUSCLEWARE Ticket Sales module can be used to facilitate online ticket sales.

The Promoter specifies the type(s) of ticket(s) (i.e. Prejudging, Finals, All Day Passes, VIP, Backstage, etc.) they wish to offer, price(s) for each type (including whether or not to charge sales taxes), as well as any limit on number of tickets sold (if necessary). If supplied, MUSCLEWARE can also calculate the maximum number of any combination of tickets sold to account for venue capacity / fire regulations.

In the same manner as Athlete Registrations, the Promoter is notified by PayPal when payment(s) are made. The purchaser receives PayPal transaction confirmations and a MUSCLEWARE purchase receipt. Once online sales are closed, a single spreadsheet is automatically created for the Promoter of all of the confirmed and paid Ticket holder data.

This report can be used by Event staff to ensure they dispense the correct type and number of tickets / stamps / wristbands to the entitled ticket holders.

  Contact Form

The Contact Form module is a free add-on, where MUSCLEWARE captures and stores the website contact form data in the same database as the Athlete Registrations and Ticket Sales information - and of course sends an email to the Promoter as well.

A handy "responded" checkbox keeps track of who has been followed up with so that website submissions don't get neglected.

All Athlete and Ticket purchaser data is stored in the MUSCLEWARE database. Payments are processed via PayPal directly into the Promoter's PayPal account, making the funds available to the Promoter immediately. MUSCLEWARE confirms the status of all payments so each and every transaction is verified, and confirmation emails are automatically sent out to the athletes / ticket holders upon successful purchase. If payment status changes (for example, the Promoter issues a refund, the competitor reverses the charges, etc.), MUSCLEWARE is notified directly by PayPal instantly, and the transaction status is updated in MUSCLEWARE.

The Promoter has access to the MUSCLEWARE Promoter Portal 24/7, where they can analyze the current athlete registration data, ticket sales data, and produce any reports they wish.


MUSCLEWARE delivers a modern, professional experience to everyone; athletes, spectators, Promoters and officials.

Bodybuilding Event Promoters have enough on their plates - don't struggle with technology. Contact MUSCLEWARE today to get the premier software solution.

A "worry free" Promoter dream application! I would never promote a show without it!

Rudy Jambrosic, IFBB Pro Judge, CPA Head Judge, Promoter Natural Canada Pro Qualifier

The most innovative and highly effective tool to hit the bodybuilding industry!

Chris "King Kong" Wong, IFBB Pro, Promoter King Kong Classic

An amazing and professional solution

Fedel Clarke, IFBB Pro, Promoter Fedel Clarke Classic


Custom registration forms
  Online registration forms are custom programmed for each Event, including class counts and height/weight breakdown (per current CPA/NPC contract)
Athletes can register for 1 or multiple classes in a single transaction
Intelligence included to prevent duplicate registrations, etc.
Automatic registration payment cross-verification via direct integration between MUSCLEWARE and PayPal
Custom form fields available
Configurable "add-on" purchases
Handles drug testing fees for natural Events
Multi-language (English, French, Spanish)
Registered athletes receive professional confirmation emails with links to review registered class(es) and upload posing routine music (if applicable)
Registration forms include legal disclaimers & agreements to protect the Promoter and the Organization
All funds go directly into Promoter's account instantly
Available online 24 x 7
Registration Data Analysis
  Displays current athlete count and total registrations (entries)
  Breaks down all registrations by category / class (with counts)
  Search for athlete by name
  Change registered athlete class(es)
  Export email list of registered athletes
Posing Routine Music
  Displays list of all eligible posing routine registrations, in class order of Event
  Preview music uploaded by athletes
Ticket Sales (Optional)
  Displays current ticket holder count
  Breaks down all ticket sales by ticket type (with counts)
  Search for ticket holder by name
  Export ticket holder list
Contacts Database
  Displays all messages sent through Event website
  Includes a "Responded" flag to quicly provide a view of which messages have been followed up with / answered and which still require attention
Pre-Numbered Athlete Sheets - One per Athlete (crossovers respected)
  Sorted alphabetically by last name for easy athlete check-in
  All Registration(s) indicated on reverse in context with entire class list
  Officials section for height / weight at the on-site registration / check in
"Blank" Athlete Sheets (Multi-Language) for on-site Registrations
Various Reports in Microsoft Excel Format - All data collected online
Folder containing all uploaded Posing Routine Music
  Files are named according to Athlete Number, Category, and whether to start music ON or OFF stage
MUSCLEWARE Statistician Event File *
Windows software installed on official statistician computer (does not require an internet connection to run!)
All online registrations data preloaded via MUSCLEWARE Statistician Event File (compact database)
Any changes to athlete information / registered classes made quickly and easily
All show day paperwork generated in perfectly rendered PDF format
  Athlete List
  Crossover Report
  Judge's Scorecards
Scores can be entered manually by Statistician or they can be calculated with the included score calculator by entering scorecard data
  Top 3 / Top 5 results
  Overall Scorecards
  Final Results

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